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Acupuncture is the branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that most people are familiar with in the U.S.  Both The World Health Organization (WHO) and The National Institute of Health (NIH) have determined that acupuncture is effective in treating over 40 different disease categories.  Conditions treated by acupuncture include:



Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the skin at certain points on the body.  Each treatment is individualized and based on your unique set of symptoms or concerns.  At Acupuncture Therapy Clinic, we offer both local and distal styles of acupuncture treatments.  Local acupuncture treatments allow the needles to be placed in the local area being affected.  Distal or far-distancing needling is done by placing the needles away from the area being affected.  The needles are not placed into the affected areas and are instead placed into the arms, hands, legs, feet, scalp, and/or ears.  By placing needles distally, we are not only able to stimulate the body's natural pain killers or endorphins,but we are also able to retain the treatments longer since the endorphins must travel a further distance to get to the affected area.  In a distal acupuncture treatment there is also no disrobing required.

Number of treatments

Acupuncture is a therapy in which we are training the body to adjust itself.  Just like physical therapy, and/or chemotherapy, multiple treatments are needed for the body to heal itself.  The specific number of treatments depends on the nature and severity of your condition.  Once we are able to determine your body's rate of response, we will custom design a treatment plan for your specific condition.  Usually, patients are able to see results right away and the number of treatments ranges from 5 to 15 for your chief complaint.